My OTP: Matthew Rhys & Keri Russel

Hello dear SISters, how are you? I hope you are all well!

Today another column will premiere just for you! Yep, one more column, and no, we are not crazy! We actually have a feeling you are gonna love this one as we will talk about our favorite thing to do… SHIPPING!

Yes, that’s right. Go disinfect your bathroom with bleach and prepare that special drink, caipirinha, cause we will dive into the shipper universe.


But SIS, what is shipping?

Many of our new shippers contacted us to say they didn’t even know what it was until they entered the incredible world of Sam&Cait shippers.

But the truth is that shipping is a very old thing and most of us have always done it, except we never knew the appropriate term.

On TV, in the movies, in books and even in comics, there have always been many couples that made us sigh and wish they were together in real life.

Well, that’s shipping.

Definition of shipping: A verb used to describe the action of wishing for two people to enter a relationship (whether romantic or occasionally platonic) in books, movies, tv shows or real life. Shipping can often happen involuntarily, and it is the majority of what happens on the website, Tumblr. There are some very popular ships, some unpopular, as well as often lots of controversy between ships from the same fandom.


Shipping is a neologism. The term was created to encourage certain characters (especially fiction) to establish a relationship. Of course, this does not mean that fans of real people can’t hope for a possible relationship.

In fact, although the word seems to be recent for many, the practice of “shipping” already appeared in the 1970s with the Star Trek series, where fans rooted for a relationship between Kirk and Spock, giving them the pet name of “K/S”.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the X-files made the term “shipping” very popular – fans cheered for the two main characters, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to be together.


Therefore, it is clear that shipping is quite common in the entertainment world. And it’s no crime, alright?? You can shipp anyone you want, it is not forbidden, as long as, of course, you do not go beyond the limits of normal conduct and lack respect and education with the couple in question.

Do you see SISters, we are free to ship who we want, when we want, where we want!

That being said, we can begin our first post introducing to you, for those who don’t know yet, a new couple and make a parallel with our complicated and perfect one:

These are Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell:

Like Sam and Caitriona, they are also actors and co-stars. They were in the FX TV show, The Americans, where they played the Russian spy couple Philip and Elizabeth Jennings from 2013 until 2018. The series has 6 seasons and its last episode was in May of this year. They are hoping for their third joint nomination at the Emmy Awards.


A tip from SIS: if you haven’t seen it yet, please do. We recommend.

Let’s get down to business here.

Their story is very interesting. Matthew and Keri have actually met many years ago at a party and Matt jokes that Keri did not take him too seriously since he was quite drunk.

“We actually met a very long long time ago,” he confessed Live With Andy Cohen. “I very drunkenly asked her for her number when she was a young, single, slip of a thing, so I sort of knew then when I was 26.”

“She asked me to open a beer after a kickball party,” he added. Ten years later, they re-met on set of their critically acclaimed FX show. Source.

When The Americans made their debut in January 2013, Keri had just announced her divorce with Shane Deary, with whom she had two daughters. And soon rumors began that the couple on the screen was more than just friends because of the strong chemistry they had.

Were the actors just so convincing at portraying the slow-burning intimacy between secret agents Elizabeth and Philip Jennings that it had been mistaken for genuine affection, or was there truth to the gossip? Evidence began to pile up in favor of the former when the twosome was spotted walking around Russell’s neighborhood in Brooklyn Heights a few days before Christmas 2013.” “They looked very much like a couple,” a source told PEOPLE of the co-stars, who were seen shopping and looking at furniture. “They were laughing and walking closely together.”  Source.

“These two certainly have a lot of chemistry! Rumors have been swirling about an off-screen romance after the mother of two announced her separation from her husband, Shane Deary. However, they’ve stayed mum about their relationship status.” Source.

HUM, quite similar to a certain couple we know well…

“According to sources at the Entertainment Radar website, love is real among Outlander’s stars. ‘The chemistry between them is not acting, they always say they’re best friends, but it seems to be a lot more than that.” Not long ago, the pair was spotted hand in hand during their break.” Source.

“Outlander ‘Rumors Persist Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are Secretly Dating.” Source.

“Sam and Caitriona were taking a short break between scenes when I saw them off to the side, holding hands and Sam was even whispering in her ear,” the insider shared. “She was laughing at whatever he said and well, they looked like an ordinary couple.” Source.

In 2013, Keri and Matthew starred in a photo shoot beyond sensual to CG magazine. The chemistry and comfort they have around each other only increased all the rumors.


Sam and Cait have also drawn attention to making very intimate and sexy photo shooting.

Matthew once revealed that even his mother kept asking if it was true and he had to lie and deny her several times.

‘I’ve told her a million times that there are a million inaccuracies that she’s read, [but she still] calls and goes, “Is this true?” I tell her, “No! When are you going to get it?” Source.

“The actor denied that his steamy scenes with Russell were a sign of any real-life passion. “We’ve all done a million of them in this crazy life we sign up for,” he told PEOPLE about shooting racy sex scenes. “The first one is always the hardest, and then you realize there’s a very perfunctory element to it where cameramen shout, ‘Hand up more! Down with your elbow! Lift your leg up higher!’ The clinical element of it kicks in, which sort of takes away from that embarrassment.” Source.

Sam and Cait also denied being together on more than one occasion, as we well know:

We are not together,” Caitriona told E! with exclusivity while promoting the return of Outlander in April. “It is funny. We have always said from the beginning that we are incredible friends. And having that friendship and closeness and being able to get on and off the sets (of film), it’s great that we get on so well. We’re not together. I’m sorry to hurt people’s hearts. They like, perhaps, to replicate the story of Jamie and Claire. But I think it would be difficult for us to work together and be together.”

– Caitriona

“It was a weird one, we were asked in an interview and we were honest about it – and I really sort of felt we shouldn’t really discuss it,” Heughan begins, “having said that, I guess we’re aware of it, and we’re aware that some fans were upset, they felt they’d been duped or something, which is really strange because we’re just doing our job.” “I think if me and Caitriona were together we wouldn’t say. Why would you?” he says. “In this industry we give away so much of ourselves anyway. We talk about ourselves and we tell people stuff.”

– Sam

In the midst of our research on The Americans couple, we found something rather curious and similar with Sam and Cait. Do you remember the Data Lounge? We talked about it on The SamCait Theory on how they believe that Sam is gay and hides it through rumors of romance with the co-star? Well, we also found countless comments that Matthew would be gay and that the rumors of him dating Keri were no more than publicity! Read here.

“I think we all know that it was the publicists and the series broadcasters who planted and published that story. I got off with Rhys just like everyone else, but actually he’s been really good at pretending he’s not straight.” he admitted to being in America four years ago and never having had an American girlfriend, and then taking the conversation to another direction.) He will be asked a million times about that stupid rumor with Kerri Russell now that they put it in the media. on R41 it was actually very good. If he did not say anything, it would make it look like he’s also dancing to music. “


This is just PR for their new season, that’s all, even Ray Charles could see that.


His parents know he’s gay. By telling us his mother was asking about it just insures that the rumor will continue. I assume his publicist told him that to avoid the gay rumors and keep his name in the news.


Go away trolls! Rhys is gay. He never had a girlfriend. Do you think he’s waiting for the right girl or he is too shy? It’s obvious that he’s gay.


Closed actors are disgusting. Who do they think they’re fooling?


Matthew Rhys was always rumored to be gay. Have you heard his voice?


Well, it seems they were quite mistaken. Keri and Matt hid the relationship until in 2016 when she became pregnant with their first child and then everyone knew the rumors were true.

It’s that famous saying: where there’s smoke probably has fire!

“Did you know Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys were dating? We did not know Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys were dating. The two leads on FX’s Cold War spy drama The Americans have been a couple since 2014, but their love evaded our intelligence-gathering missions until this news broke on Wednesday: A real-life Americans baby is in the works.”  Source.

And guess what the little boy’s name is?


That’s right… What a coincidence, huh?



And the similarities do not stop there. The performances of Keri and Matt are highly praised not only by the critics, but also by the show’s creative team.

“Among the joys of this show has been that they have the ability to take whatever scene work we give them and elevate it to deeper and more surprising places,” he says of Russell and Rhys, each of whom has been nominated for two Emmys so far for their performances. “There were a series of moments, particularly in that first season, where we realized, Wow. We’re in great hands here.”

Weisberg agrees: “The chemistry was there from the beginning, and that’s why the show works.” Source.

The Americans is also well known for having intense sex scenes between the protagonists, as we mentioned earlier, by the obvious chemistry between them.

Wow, we already saw this somewhere, didn’t we?

Keri was once asked if she found it difficult to hide the relationship and she said she thought everyone already knew. And told this great story involving one of the directors of the series:


Keri has also melted in praise of her partner and co-worker:

He’s really genuinely funny, one of the funniest people I know, and he makes really incredible sound effects.”


We already saw that, right?






And the two have said on how great it is to have a partner in the same profession:




“Do the twosome run lines together at their Brooklyn, New York, home? “We do!” Rhys, 42, tells Us. “I think it’ll continue when we’re doing other projects. That’s the wonderful thing [about] living with an actor.” Source.

Do you remember that at this year’s Con in Rome, Sam said something about rehearsing with Cait when they have audition for movies?


And there are many other things we can compare here:

Red Carpets:





Matt and Keri live in New York with their two daughters from her first marriage and their little son, Sam. They are quite discreet, they both don’t have SM, but since they live in NY, some moments of the family and the couple have already been photographed and caught by paparazzi: 

They are so beautiful!!

Tell me the truth, hasn’t this couple also joined our list of couples to be shipped?

And here we are, shipping and dreaming so that someday we could also see photos of another pair of lovebirds!


Photo:  Artist Sassenach


The End!



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