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Hello Sisters, the day has come!

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Let’s go straight to the point, because Harry and Dora’s week was quite hectic. After being spotted on the plane returning to Edinburgh, apparently both of them without Sophie, our couple spent the Sunday shooting together and then later on a date with old friends.

Duncan, Graham, Sam, Cait, Sophie and Marina.

Details to be pointed out:

  • Photo was taken on Sunday, the clock shows 10:10. Since it’s a dinner date, it’s 10:10 PM.
  • Harry has a cell phone, a wallet and a bunch of keys along with the car keys. (Audi)
  • The drinks that are near Sam and near Cait are the same.
  • It does not look like there were more people with them because of the layout of the occupied places. Where’s the fiancé?
  • Where’s the fiancé?

So, we thought, Harry and Dora had a 14hs day shift then travelled to Paris for a Con (on the same flight), spent the day together and exchanged intense looks throughout the panel.

Cait made a little speech in French and even though there were three more people between the two of them, she looked at Sam for support the whole time.

They returned on the same flight to Edinburgh, spent the whole Sunday together shooting, then they went out with friends to have dinner at night…

Could someone explain to us where the fiancé fits in all of this? When do they spend time together if she seems to be stuck with her co-star 24/7?


Not even our High-Tech #SISWHO System found the answer to that. We will keep looking.

And S4 is a wrap with the last days of shooting! Dora thanked the cast and crew on TT when she did this:



WE GOT HOAX BY CATARINA! She tagged the wrong Colin. OMG! Everybody commented, even Colin himself.



And Harry to rescue:

Totes normal. Just a couple that acts like married couple all the time.

Cait also replied:

And we wondered … what would a certain My Amigo like to hear?

Could it be…


A Big Red (blowfish)

Hint, hint!

And on Wednesday, with one more work day to go, a team member tagged Harry and Dora on this:


HUM, shall I see you soon? What did he mean by that?

And they answered:


The last day arrived and with it also the busiest day of the week. Starting with this gorgeous video of Harry and Dora:

We here at SIS we have lost count of how many times we watched this video. When Sam says “Cat”!! OMG, isn’t that the cutest thing ever? Can we record him saying Cat to listen on repeat so we can imagine how it is during…FOCUS!

But of course every video comes with…SIS memes!


WhatsApp Image 2018-07-08 at 21.44.46

And you think that’s all? Nooo! Harry and Dora had more surprises. They had a plan … they posted on the IG these videos of each other.

View this post on Instagram

💕💕😍😍😍 @caitrionabalfe stories!!

A post shared by SIS BRAZIL (@sis_brazil) on

Do you want more married couple receipts than that?

They were going to shoot the last scene. Sam looks like he’s borrowed Cait’s coat. Look at his arms and how they seem very tight in those sleeves!

Cait seems to be with Claire’s old ring and not with the new one that came out in more recent photos, and she seems to have her hair a little wet … write this down!

So they showed up on Twitter and said they were going to do a Q&A and Cait was going to ask ANY 3 questions for Sam and Sam would do the same for her.



The fandom was shaken up! Many questions, of all kinds came up, and Cait even liked this one, quite suggestive:

Você soltaria ”seu sex tape” se você pudesse salvar três espécies ameaçada de extinção e quais salvaria?


After a long time waiting, Dora posted this:


She asks, “If you were any flavor in the world, what flavor would you be?”

He stops, thinks, looks at something in his hand, and when he was about to answer, she cuts the video!!


But SIS, what was he holding?

Is that what I’m thinking of?

That’s right. It’s his modest pouch.

HUM, what kind of answer do you think he would give her?

And we waited, waited, waited …

And we are still waiting, but they did not give us any answers…not from the Q&A nor the video…

But we forgive you. They were on the last day, filming a sex scene, had drinks afterwards and they surely forgot.

You’re forgiven, okay? But if you want to still answer, we would be very happy! Could you?

And about the sex scene, which one was it?

Calm down intern, I’m going talk about this. Well, Anita, the makeup artist, posted this:


It’s written Ep01. So…

Warning, Spoiler Alert!!


We are very excited! November, where are you?

While November doesn’t come, we’re still here on our favorite roller coaster.

In the meantime, Harry was in Men’s Journal, where he told us all about his training routine. Pay close attention to the routine:

Dora and Harry were excited for the wrap party. And they talked about it on Twitter.


Someone asked if we would have photos of the party, but Dora quickly ended our hopes:

Okay! Do what, no ?! Why so much secrecy…

Some photos of the party surfaced on the net and the theme was disco!

We were practically hopeless, but then came a good soul that was making ice cream at the party and posted these photos here:

and these:


WhatsApp Image 2018-07-08 at 21.43.44

It’s quite interesting that they’re always together, right? It was Con in Paris, airplane, shooting, dinner, more shooting, playing in the trailer, in the tent, giving a toast, party…wow!

And the question that doesn’t go away is:


Finally, Dora found the way to Instagram – THANK GOD FOR THIS GRACE GRANTED  – and posted a video showing the beauties of Scotland, more precisely going to Glencoe.

It even shows The Three Sisters – a very well-known tourist spot. Beautiful, this landscape … WAIT … But what is THAT? IS THERE A WATCH ON THE MOUNTAIN?

Okay, it’s not right on the mountain, it’s just the reflection of the car’s window. It can not be hers, it’s the left hand, it would have appeared in the video.

I’m sure I’ve seen this watch before …


But didn’t he say he was at home relaxing, drinking coffee and enjoying the neighborhood?

Maybe he changed his mind…

See you next week!




Autora: Flavia Labruna

Colaboradora: Lotti e Laís Monteiro

Revisão: Manu e Lotti

Artes: Lotti e Laís Monteiro

Tradução: Bianca Portela 

Montagem: Lotti e Laís Monteiro

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