Outlander Gathering Brasil 2018 (eng)

Last Saturday, June 2, there was Outlander Gathering Brasil 2018, held by the Outlander Brasil group with the support of Editora Arqueiro, at the Livraria Cultura Shopping Market Place.

The SIS was there to cover the event and will tell you what a beautiful event was like.


When we arrived, we were greeted by the girls from Outlander Brasil, the only Outlander group that is recognized by Starz as the representative of the TV Show in the country, because it was the first one.

Immediately they already gave us numbers to participate in the raffles that they would make throughout the event. The SIS that was representing us almost died of happiness, because she loves raffles.

At the beginning of the event, the girls explained a little about the series to those who were watching the event and did not know the books or the series.

After explaining to first-time participants, they began to answer questions about the books and the TV Show.

At the end of the question session, they started a Quizz with some very easy and some difficult questions. Here are some of them:

Question: Where does Jamie and Claire flee at the end of the first book?
Answer: To France.

Question: What is the name of Jamie’s property?
Answer: Lallybroch.

Question: Why did Jamie hit Claire?
Answer: Because she disobeyed an order, putting everyone at risk and that was the punishment at the time.

Question: What kind of object does Diana use to represent herself in the story (appears in “The Voyager“)?
Answer: A ship. Arthemis in Greek is the equivalent of the Roman Goddess Diana.

Question: When Brianna moves out of college, what course did she give up and what course did she start?
Answer: She studied History and moved to Engineering.


At the end of the Quizz, they rewarded those who answered the most questions. The SIS that was representing us won the 2nd place and was awarded the DVD of Season 2.

Then they started the draw of the books (“Outlander: A Novel”, “Dragonfly in Amber” and “Voyager”) and 2 kits that Sony made available for Livraria Cultura with DVDs of seasons 1, 2 and 3.

Some faithful SISters who accompanied us on social medias were there and chatted with our SIS. Thank you for the affection, Marli, Ana Paula, Ane Vivi and Gizelda.

When the event was over, our SIS was able to interview those responsible for the event. See a little of this conversation:

SIS: You guys are from Outlander Brasil and we wanted to know what made you enter on this Outlander Universe?
Cris Reinbold: I took the first book in the library of the club where I am a member and read the book in 3 days.
SIS: Was that a long time ago?
CR: It was about 8 years ago.
SIS: Before the series, then?
CR: Long before the show. Then I went to look for the second book, but it was missing, so I read the third before the second. Then I went to look for the books in sewing, because they were very wanted. The sixth and seventh I bought along with the launch of Rocco, because at that time, this publisher was still releasing the unpublished books. And I participated in the whole process of creating Diana’s MOBI. That’s when I met Vanessa, who designed Outlander Brasil. The group called Diana Gabaldon Brasil (it is called, because it still exists, but it is a secret group and does not accept new members), still in the Orkut era. We posted the excerpts from MOBI on the forum (during the transition period between Orkut and Facebook). In the beginning we created a group in the FB, where we posted this material and the page was only created when it was announced that there would be the TV show, to publicize both the books and the show. So much so that ours is the only page in Brazil that has the support of Starz, because they put us in the list of pages and groups recognized by them as world representatives of the show. They take one from each country and, as we were the first, they chose us.


In the end, SIS did a Quizz with two of the Outlander Brasil representatives, Cris Reinbold and Hellaine Rangel, and a SISter, Marli Lopes. Here’s an excerpt:

SIS: If you could kiss someone from Outlander now, who would you choose?
CR: Master Reymond.
Hellaine Rangel: Jamie, of course.
Marli Lopes: Murtagh.

SIS: What would you tell Diana if she was here, now?
HR: Finish writing the book.
CR: Leave the social medias. Be the Diana from 7 years ago.
ML: Leave Twitter, social medias. I was going to charge her that at the beginning of the year she said that “this year I’m going to participate in a few events to focus on the book” and she goes to whatever is an event and conference out there.

HR: She is always called to come to the São Paulo Biennial.
CR: Every year!
HR: And she always says she does not have the time.
SIS: To them Outlander does not have such fame here, right?
HR: Because they do not look, right?

SIS: Are you more Rollo or Adso?
HR: Roll.
CR: Adso. Not by the cat itself, but by what the animal represents.
ML: I’m more Rollo because I’ve had more dogs.

SIS: Who has the most beautiful hair: Jamie or an ema?
CR: This James now? An ema!
HR: Oh, Jamie, poor Jamie …

SIS: Team Geneva or Team Laoghaire?
CR: Geneva.
HR: Geneva.
ML: Geneva.

SIS: Is it Jamie’s ghost on the first book?
All at the same time: YES!

SIS: Would you send your mother to the eighteenth century?
CR: No. I would go and she would stay.
HR: I would send her.

SIS: What’s under Angus’s kilt?
HR: Dirt!

SIS: If you won a gemstone to cross the stones, you would use to actually cross or you would sell it?
HR: I would sell, why would I do what there in Jamie’s time? Jamie’s already with Claire…I’m going there to do what?
SIS: But what if you went to another time? Because they say that each one goes to the season that is destined to go and/or that they want to go…don’t you have a season that you identify the most?
HR: Yeah, thinking that way then I would travel!
CR: I do not know…
SIS: It depends, right? Is it a return trip or a one way trip?

SIS: Who has the most mental problem: Diana or the person who made Jamie’s wig?
HR: The person who made Jamie’s wig.
CR: The person who made Jamie’s wig. I can not understand why to ruin a character like that, but okay…Jamie’s book is stinky, has lice, is full of hair, does not bathe, scratches butt, scratches ba**…


So…did you like it?

SIS loved it and is already waiting for the Outlander Brasil staff to prepare the next Gathering!








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