Hello SISters!!!

Sunday is NETSIS day, but as out blog did not worked properly, Monday is also a NETSIS day – why not?! SIS can delay but never fails!


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If last week we thought we were sailing in calm waters, this week it was exactly like in Outlander’s episode 309: THE DOLDRUMS!


But of course even standing in the middle of this open sea, we always have one or two strange things to discuss, so let’s go!

Soon after we posted the last NETSIS Dora decided to interact with our Carrot Cake:


Harry did not respond it publicly, but one can even imagine the kind of answer Dora received at the Balfe-Heughan residence.


On the next day, our boy Sam seemed to have acquired some dislike for stairs, which may come either from the marathon he performed beautifully, or from the extracurricular activities he practiced at night – or from the combination of the two, you never know, right?!


Of course we knew the marathon was still going to be a hit, but we did not know it was going to turn out to be THE HIT.

Let’s start with this video here:

The first question is: would it be Caitriona that Sam talks at the end of the race or would it be the mysterious blonde?

finish line

Well, we approached the image, looked with care and attention and we can say one thing with absolute certainty: It is not Caitriona!

But SIS, so who is this woman?

We researched our database and came to a conclusion: Louisa Radcliffe, Outlander’s publicist.

She accompanied Sam in the Stirling Marathon and now in Edinburgh. Nothing strange, isn’t it?

Mystery solved!

Let’s keep sailing!


The second mystery comes from the same video: there are some people saying that Sam vomited after the marathon.


After an exercise that demands so much of one’s body (like a marathon) it’s normal for the athlete to be short of breath and therefore need to breathe faster to supply the oxygen demand that the body requires at that moment.

To avoid possible faiting (not in all cases) and to make it easier for the circulating blood in the body to take less time to get to the heart to be purified, as well as the air going to the lungs for gas exchange, it is common to see the athlete do a simple act that can help the body in this process: lower the head and bend your body, touching the knees.

We know that Sam is an athlete and he understands the subject, and we think that this is the case. It’s not about vomiting, but him being clever! Go, go Carrot Cake!

On Monday they F I N A L L Y went back to work and took pictures with fans on the breaks.

Sam appeared all neat and shining in the morning – even the wig looked prettier – but soon it was all over. Looks like Jamie got a good beating, SISters!

We did some math and we even know what scene they were shooting. For the sake of spoilers, let’s just give you some tips:


Caitriona posted this beautiful photo here – and even updated her IG photo – and we are here loving it!


You already know that SIS loves to analyze photos, right? Well, we noticed a curious thing about this picture.


We did all kinds of tests.

We concluded that despite the momma’s cell case, the hand that is positioned at the top of the photo is the left one.

glasses ING

We analyzed it.

Can you see the ring of discord there? Tell us 🙂


So Cait posted a photo and Sam could not miss a chance to post one too. His new Whisky brand is turning out to be espetacular, as we already imagined, right?


Hey Harry, would you mind shipping us a bottle of that whisky for us to taste? Maybe 3 or 4, cause we are ten SISters! We like caipirinha, but we also like everything Harry with alcohol.


We had several days of no interactions between Dora and Harry, but that’s okay, SIS knows they must be interacting in real life 😉

Calm your hearts cause lack of interaction on social networks does not mean that something is wrong in real life!

Then the WORLD OUTLANDER DAY arrived!

But SIS, what is this?

On June 1st, 1991 the very first Outlander book was released in the USA, and then that day became the Outlander World Day, celebrated by the fans worldwide!

We soon thought we would have an entire day dedicated to Outlander, but STARZ gave us this video here:

There’s something very wrong: Sophie and Richard, our Roger and Brianna, are together, but Sam and Cait are separated?

What the hell is that @Starz?!


Then you want to justify it with “it may have been recorded at the last minute” or “Harry and Dora had different schedule so they had to record it separately”.


Let’s look into that:

Richard and Sophie’s part was recorded in an external location. They filmed these scenes on April 19th and 20th.

That is, more than ONE MONTH AGO!

More than enough time to ask for Harry and Dora, who work together pretty much every day, for five minutes of their time to shoot a video together for the fans.

But let’s keep sailing.

A tip from SIS: next year, it would be amazing if they could get Sam, Cait, Sophie and Richard together in the same video, ok @! BTW, we would not complain if Cesar, Lauren and John also showed up;)

On Friday, Sam told that he was going to the Con in Italy, which he had canceled previously.


As every time Harry travels, Dora always begins with the pranks on Twitter.


He answered almost immediately:


We know you guys want to know EVERYTHING about this fan meeting in Rome, so we’re preparing a post on what happened in there – including the mystery of the bracelet gate! Stay in tune! 😉

To close off our very much loved Netsis we’ll have another video. Yayyyy!!!!

Another Brazilian song that matches perfectly with the troubled moment that our couple is going through..

The song is Me Espera. (Wait for me)

As we believe this storm will pass, we leave you with this positive and beautiful message. We hope you enjoy.





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