The Mystery Blonde

Hello Sisters, Sunday has come and with it:


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Last week, we covered BAFTA directly from our Instagram and our exclusive Facebook group, and it was a success! We posted photos, videos and news of Harry and Dora at the awards, but obviously we could not stop there, after all, as we always say, any event in their lives comes with Stranger Things and BAFTA was no different.

It all starts with their arrival. We had two videos that recorded this important moment: when Harry welcomed Tony with a hug and he SMILED!!! We did not even know that he had this ability – or that he had teeth, especially in those events where we are used to seeing him always serious and lost.

Let’s look at the videos from both angles here:

In this video we see Sam waiting for Cait’s car. She goes towards Sam and looks at the man next to him who seems to say something, perhaps remembering something? Cait looks back, guide Tony to Sam, who greets each other with a hug and exchanges a few words. The camera then accompanies Tony, who is smiling radiantly as he greets Steven Cree, who was accompanying Sam. Why did the camera accompany Tony and set aside the famous actors that were what we all wanted to see?


When finally the focus is back to Sam and Cait, they already took the photo with the Audi and we can see that she caresses his arm quickly, as a sign of consolation or maybe thanks?

In this video, we see the same moment from another angle. Here we can see how things seemed to be orchestrated for the the hug moment. There are two men, one next to Sam, which was who Cait was looking upon arriving, and another on the other side, who guides Tony into the hug.

Let’s think:


It was the first time we saw Tony and Sam in the same environment after that terrible January 7th. We know that they have met in numerous events before, that they have talked and such, but never needed anything so formal.


It became clear that it was necessary to be recorded:

  1. Harry and Tobrian are friends, there is a bromance between them and it’s beautiful!
  2. Sam supports Cait’s engagement since he gets along well with her fiancé.

As if it were possible to forget EVERYTHING that has happened since the fateful announcement of the engagement and the huge amount of receipts that them BOTH have passed in that period of five months. OKAY. 

giphy (1)

On the red carpet and during the awards, the two acted as usual. Tobrian stayed beside Steven and enjoyed the Harry and Dora show that always happens when they are together … They only missed their bib.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-15 at 01.36.05

Harry, as we can see, was struggling to keep his hand to himself. We know they have a will of their own when they’re near Dora, and we imagine the effort the he should’ve been making …


While in all the official photos they were very far from each other, but in this photo here, there’s no room for Jesus.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-16 at 21.41.40And also when they were announcing the Specialist Factual award – which we still don’t understand what it is about – the hand that has its own will manifested itself.


We have seen that he tried as hard as he could, but when we have a habit, it is very difficult to control, and to our delight, Harry always fails miserably in this matter!


The next day Steven posted this photo with his date from the previous night, we could see quite clearly that there were no blondes or chocolate around. Thank God!! Well, at least for now.


Some photos from the event:

Harry and Dora also posted photos on Instagram:


It wasn’t just us who found them beautiful, no! Hannah Simone, longtime friend of Dora, left this comment in the photo:

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-19 at 16.08.05In her post, Dora made a point of talking about the tie, it reminded me of a friend of mine who gave her husband a collection of striped ties, one for each day of the week, and she obliged him to wear it every day, conclusion: He got tired of ties and as act of rebellion went to a party without…they had a big fight, he slept on the couch a week and she …


Also on Monday it was released their interview during the BAFTA, and towards the end of the interview, they were asked what it was like to work together for so long, and we had this award winning answer:

Let me see if we got this right. Because they play a couple on TV, they act like a married couple in real life. OH, that makes perfect sense. It’s ALL explained folks !!!!

giphy (2)

But wait, didn’t you say that you’re never in character when you were not filming?! So why do you and Harry act like a couple in REAL LIFE?


Once they said that the shippers confused fiction with reality, which was why they thought they were a couple and now they are telling us that:


xxxx (3)

So that’s why Tobrian does not care when Harry puts his hand over Dora’s ass … They act like a married couple.. Got it!

So, if they act as a couple they can:

  • Make pancakes on Valentine’s Day in each other’s kitchen.
  • Give away a ceramic object that was part of the decoration of his co-star’s house.
  • Park the car for long night periods in each other’s houses.
  • Have jealous fits and block everyone on twitter.
  • Mark territory all the time.
  • Say that Outlander is a hot reality show.
  • Run his hand on her ass.
  • Check and talk about his balls on SM.
  • Watch the marathon with her cat lying in her bed

tenor (5)

On Tuesday Sam gave an interview for This Morning show. Remember Holly? That super fan who had invited them both to an interview last December, but in the end only Cait went? She had the chance to meet Sam and we realized that she is quite a fan.

As usual, he did not answer the question about people thinking they are together … Why is it always so hard to deny?? It would be so simple if he said, “At first people thought we were together, but not anymore. She’s engaged and I have a girlfriend. We are friends”. Okay, that would clarify. What is the great difficulty in saying this?

On Wednesday evening, Harry went to an event at a hotel in London, where the same owner also has a chain of famous Japanese restaurants called Nobu. He was handsome and in a tie:


As he was leaving, he was seen with a blonde woman. And just like that, the fandom went into crisis and started hating them all over again. We have traumas with blondes… A thousand and one reasons passed through shippers’ mind and the antis were also quite altered.


What everyone wondered all day was: Who is this woman??

She was next to Sam, but he did not touch her and kept his hand in his pockets the whole time. She was holding a big bag – which we find very odd, besides the crochet purse, but who are we to judge, right? Style is very personal.


A person who stands beside you, not touching and carrying big white bags … Where have we seen this before?

tenor (5)

Ahhhh, is she the female blonde version of Tony??? MY GOD!!! How cool!! Harry must have thought it was so nice to have a person who accompanies you in places, carries your bags, is discreet, does not complain about you walking in front and on top of it all, is also SHY!!

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-16 at 20.33.43

We understand you Harry. SIS wants a “Tony” too.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-20 at 12.16.17

Seriously now – yes we know how to do this – they speculated that it was Nicola Pearcey, who is UK Lionsgate’s president. It would make sense, because Sam’s recent movie is from Lionsgate, as well as Outlander. But, is this her?

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-19 at 01.10.30

Unless she had plastic surgery on her nose, take off the mole on her face, and changed the shape of her eyebrows… We don’t believe it’s her! The mystery of the blonde still remains.

During their days in London, Harry and Dora decided to send an unusual gift to their daughter Sophie:


xxxx (1)

A friend of Sam and Cait, Nic Rasenti, posted this beautiful photo with his wife and his nephew. Harry promptly liked it and left a comment, but the most interesting thing was what Nic replied to him:


Oh, okay, classic dad joke. Totes norm… WAIT A MINUTE, A CLASSIC DAD JOKE? What did you mean by that, Nic? Is Whole wheat Carrot Cake with melted chocolate topping, a DAD?


So Nic, do you mean that this theory here could be right? Or is it just a silly joke among friends?

Something to think about.

Dora, the territorialist one, since they announced that Eddie was Sam’s cat, decided to set the record straight and now is always posting a new picture with our favorite fat cat. On Friday she posted this one:


How cute! But wait, what ring is that, Dora? Would it be the traveling ring, the one you’ve worn since 2015?

Why did she choose to show that ring?


Adding to the lists of bizarre things, remember the super stalker-fan last week? She changed the caption from the photo with Sam where she mentioned Chocolate Thingy. It disappeared, it does not exist anymore. This was soon after the mysterious blonde lady appeared…

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-20 at 16.37.03

Many questions, few answers! Our Department of Advanced Research and Theories is working 24/7 to unveil all the Stranger Things that have been happening and soon you will have more answers…


See you next Sunday!









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