The Other Brianna

Hello SISters!
We know we’ve been off these days. We haven’t posted in some time, and we’re not very active on our social medias. We may look as if we have abandoned you…


Don’t worry, we haven’t.

SIS is working around the clock to bring you some exciting news!


While we work on that, we decided to attend a request from a SISter.

Kind of late, we know, but it will be worth the wait! I Promise.

By the way, if you also have any requests for SIS, please send them to our nearest social media and we will try to fulfill your wish!

Manu São Pedro, this post is for you, hon!


Couple of weeks ago, this photo below came out, and if you’re new to this fandom, you were probably asking yourself:

Who is this other Brianna sitting next to Graham?

ig mar 56 (2)

Well, SIS will answer your question and you probably will find out that you have already seen this ginger around the block!

Today’s request: WHO IS MARINA?

Warning: This is the sweetest post! Get your hot chocolate ready….you are GOING TO MELT…. with love…

and the reason…
You know that person you love so much, you wanna keep her in a cookie jar… Forever?


A person that even though is not your blood, you still considerer them as if they were?

In some cases even more than that perverted uncle, or that cousin who always shows up with the same outfit as you, or that great-aunt that never forgets to ask “Are you dating anyone yet dear?”



For those who don’t know her, here she is!


Marina Campbel, the most famous ginger in Outlander (after the Frasers, of course).

tumblr_o3wah3mejc1s1ra8eo1_1280 (1)

Marina placa outlander

Production Assistant (till march 2017) and personal friends of almost everybody – specially Sam & the Band – THIS GIRLS RESUME IS SIMPLY THE BEST.

Cap curriculo outlander 2

As if working on the best show on earth wasn’t enough, she also worked as an assistant in the Russo Brother’s production of Infinity War!

Curriculo Marina

infinity war

Geek alert! Geek alert!


Cheers to this lady that has had the best jobs ever! Speaking of cheers, she’s also a REAL SCOT-GIRL!!!

..and look! She also likes the beer of dicord GUINNESS!

Obviously friends with Sam & Cait…

Marina is constantly seen with Sam. At the gym…

ig mar frt6

Capt marina sam academia

Capturar marina sam gyn

… as his assistant …

… or as his friend!

She is always talking about them on her social media.

Besides talking about Dora with so much love and admiration (let’s be honest, Cait is DIVA):

She has a unique sense of humor too:


Capturar imagem marina

Which reminds you of someone…

She has interesting point of views:

fem ig marina

Capturar repost marina cait

that reminds me of…

Being single and happy is one of the 112115 qualities Marina has:

Capt womand simgle

As she also loves to follow account of clothes and organic baby foods on IG:



That’s right intern, she not only follows, but also likes some!


But isn’t that kinda weird?

SIS doesn’t judge!


Because this also reminds us of someone:



Marina also loves kids!


If she does not spend her time as a nanny for her friends’ kids, she has all the qualities necessary to at least be a godmother.

She takes them out, plays with them, uses a baby monitor, knows their nap time. Surely she’s someone that her friends call for baby-sit often as she has a great number of baby and kids pictures on her IG.

As we wondered through her IG, we came upon this photo:



Ok, let me just explain you something.

SIS has OCD.

SIS has allergic reaction.

SIS has problems with blurs.

That’s because we find it inadmissible a photo with blur when you use a 21st century smartphone (android or iphone), which by the way costs about a kidney or a lung here in Brazil, and you still use it’s camera the wrong way. COME ON people, it’s made for toddlers to use. TODDLERS.


SIS analyses everything. (no man, no kids, no dogs = free time)

(including Ron’s photoshoped entrance in the Outlander pic).

As you may already expect, we decided to fix the photo, just because our OCD screamed and when it does it’s best to listen! But it was pointless.

tenor (2)

But SIS is persistent, SIS never gives up…and SIS has conections.


We sent the photo to some professionals and they all came back with the same propable answer:

  • The man moved his face
  • And the blur was intencional


What is the problem with a red haired guy, holding a child on his arm, in a non-identified place, with a lady holding a little girl on her lap, watching a movie while Marina took a picture?

Wait … a red haired?


Could I be going crazy? Have I seen that outfit before?


I mean…looks like someone we really know…kinda big, tall, red…Carrot Cake Roland Harry Heughan? Is that you?


  • Marina crashed some family’s picnic and took a picture.
  • It was her tall, red, highlander, not Sam, friend and his family. Marina was invited.
  • It was a dream (could be mine, yours, Marina’s or even DG’s which it will be a scene in the 9th book we hope she’s writing.)
  • Harry decided to borrow some kids for a picnic and Marina went along to help.

Speaking of Harry, he and John Gary both liked that photo. Do you know what this means?

giphy (2)

Neither do we!


Do you know by what our SuperPuff Blossom girl is known for?

She’s a mother.


I know I said she’s single and doesn’t have kids, but I meant HUMAN kids!

Meet her baby!

49 03

The cast’s mascot, owner of the coach, the chair, the whole house and of 79% of her social media, he’s Jasper!

Loved by all in Outlander, this is the most spoiled dog in Scotland (poor skipper).


marina 24

Now you know who Marina is! She has the best jobs, the best sense of humor, the best friends and the best soul (as kids and dogs can attest to)

This Super PowerPuff, Marina Blossom Girl, just won our hearts!

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-19 at 20.29.35

Hey Blosson, next time, please invite us! You can keep the whisky and we’ll keep the red haired Jasper!





Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 18.38.11.png

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