Leanne, hon…

Hello SISters!!!!

Today is friday!!!! Happy Hour Day!

Who is gonna pay our caipirinha? It can be beer or wine, we’re not picky, but I must warn you that if you choose wine, I only drink one glass. Unfortunately.


Since we talking Happy Hour, let’s talk about happy things and nothing is happier than Sam&Cait receipts. Specially when it’s because of Mary claiming her man.

Today’s receipt is kinda old and you know what they say about old receipts, right? Neither do we SISTers!!!! Cheers!!

San Diego Comic Con 2017

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 17.45.27.png

Dora was not happy with Harry. She ignored him, send him the eye, the face, the whole body language. You wanna know why?

Because they had been away from each other for quite some time. He was in Budapest and she was promoting Outlander. They hadn’t seen each other for a while.

SIS believes that:

when they arrived at the SDCC, they had the very happy news that Chocolate Thingy was joining them on the carpet.


What a joyful day that must of been.

Our dear and loved (after KDS) Leanne, always liked a little surprise. She must of thought that Dora did too.

So innocent Leanne.

Dora is not a fan of blondes, specially the ones who touches her man her amigo.


Judging by his smile, we can all imagine the size of the spanking that awaits for him at home.


Leanne, hon, don’t you know better than to go messing with Dora’s man my amigo’s friend? Don’t you know nothing about Caitriona Balfe?

That single look she gave you, sent you straight to….my mother’s in law house. WAIT. I don’t have a mother in law.


Do you want to understand this moment better? Let’s watch the video then. Grab your popcorn, caipirinha, glass of wine cause your happy hour is about to get 100% better!!!



Tobias predicted it all, you can see by his face.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-06 at 20.05.58

There you go. Receipt delivered, bill paid, glass empty and happiness in our shipper’s heart!

Bye bye!!!!


Credits to the SDCC gifs: http://yellowfeather84.tumblr.com







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