He knows what he’s done


He took all of your….WHAT???


What have you done Sam??

  • Yes I ate some of your raw Banoffee pie
  • and your pineapple
  • Honey Pot
  • Pancakes
  • A stiff one
  • …and some peanuts…
  • Mamacita
  • We shower together
  • You always look gorgeous
  • She’s always buying stuff online
  • Keep your Hands OFF,  George!
  • I would do anything for you
  • My Favorite Sassenach
  • Wifey
  • The Mrs.
  • The We and the Us
  • Hi Love
  • Miss you
  • I Love you loads. Can’t wait to see you
  • Happy to Oblige
  • Still a beauty though
  • Other half of your rainbow
  • Changed the whole country. And my life. My friends. My world.
  • Tenho um camarão grande?
  • She’s already won, no matter the result
  • Expect to be ignored tomorrow
  • a year!!!!!!!!!!!?xxx
  • Magical walk last night
  • Not sure how I managed that link
  • I just saw you down there filming it was magical
  • Jamie Fraser is a lucky guy. Oh Yes he is.
  • Speeding at the marathon to reach her house
  • Driving to find a gluten free bakery
  • a picnic on the top of a mountain
  • The nut sack
  • They are pretty awesome
  • celebratory macarroons
  • The spider
  • umm…that’s Balfe? Wait till I speak to her. #trouble
  • I’m always jealous
  • Ahh, there ya are Sassenach!! xxx
  • She’s perfect
  • Oi! You stolen my horse..?
  • She’s always giving me drugs
  • Looking beautiful this morning my tweet heart…x
  • Looks miserable to me
  • All of them. What’s up with the boat?
  • ….something exciting to share with you later today…
  • When is one turtle, one too many..?
  • Ka-BOOM!!
  • To watch Transpotting or…
  • Well done, I love you!
  • Ummmm…someone is “MISSING”???????
  • Learnt my lesson..
  • Love you lots Wifey, so lucky to work with you!xx
  • @catrionabalfe get your X-mas sweater on, we’re going to London
  • This was a very special day for us, back in London, before the start. Today is another.
  • We are together, we do work together, things are pretty good….





“…he knows. He knows what he’s done…” 

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 22.43.48


“….he just need to be told a lesson or two…

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 12.14.27


Yes. We agree. Bad boy Sam.




Wine, anyone?

giphy (1)










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