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Did you miss me? I hope so.

I can’t actually reveal my job on SIS but I can say I’m always busy, as this fandom is no boredom, and it’s part of my contract to be vague and mysterious. Our contract is based on Starz’s.

We usually take a long time choosing and then discussing our topics because they are usually so dense and complicated. Technology, as you all know by now, is not our territory and sometimes it takes more than a week for us to actually find what we’re looking for online, so don’t expect too much of us when the internet is involved.

To write today’s column I had to go to a far far away time…


Wait! Not Craig Na Dunn and not Scotland in the 18th century, either. We’ll go to the British Islands and the correct century would be I D.C., way before the story you were thinking about.

Are you excited?
Prepare your tea cause we’re getting to this week’s recommendation.


The year: 43 D.C. –  the expansion of the Roman Empire and also the expansion of the Celtic culture in the British Islands.

The Romans decided to take over the mythological islands for good, after all, they were in need of more slaves and resources to keep their empire running (this was also the reason they were extinct 400 years in the future).

The myths and tales of the British Islands about their wealth and minerals were more than good reason to lure them into conquering this new land. The Celtics did show resistance but it wasn’t nearly enough to stop the roman apparatus developed specially for war.

So they conquered it, of course, and built waterways, houses, roads, and walls so long and strong that can still be seen today.

muralha de adriano
Adriano’s Wall

This is a very interesting period in history. Would you like to know more? Good, cause my recommendation this week takes place in this moment of time!


Britannia is a TV series and even though this show is based on true events their characters are mostly fictional because there aren’t many Celtic records as they were mainly registered orally and not by writing.

Britannia takes place in 43 D.C. as we mentioned before and tells the story about two rivals tribes and how the Roman Empire puts fire on an already chaotic environment.

Watch this trailer.

As you can see this show has very powerful scenes, beautiful women, and amazing stories.

Starred by Kelly Reilly, Britannia is full of magic, intrigue, violence and lots of combat in order to save lands.


Are you having a Dejà Vu moment?
Yes, you saw her in my last post. She plays Caroline Bingley in Pride and Prejudice (2005).

caroline bingley

In Britannia she plays Kerra, daughter of the leader of one of the main tribes. She is an archer, she’s strong, she’s smart, but she is, above all, human.

And as any human being, she is full of flaws. She made mistakes and has her share of guilt in what happens through out the plot. She is possibly a Celtic reincarnation of Claire Fraser.


Another very interesting character is Cait (calm down, not talking about Sam’s my amigo here) and she belongs to Kerra’s tribe. Many things happen that are responsible for making her the women she is starting to become. Cait has a great future ahead of her and that’s all I’m saying about that.

cait britannia

This is another character that I love, Antedia, queen of the rival tribe. We can say, without giving too much, that she is a momma bear and will do everything she can to revenge her son’s death. Why? How? When? You will have to watch.

antedia britannia

SIS Bônus.

Remember Conde Saint-Germain? Yes, Stanley Weber is in Britannia.

It is him. Just an uglier and dirtier version.

Britannia shows how Romans and Celtics go about learning, fighting and dealing with each other, the rival tribes, culture, the land, and the wars. Besides all that, you will get to know the amazing history of these so special islands and discover the true meaning of the famous saying: divide and conquer, that explains why their empire was so strong and lasted for so many years.

I don’t want to talk too much and give unnecessary spoilers, but if you like the more complex scenes in Outlander, I just know you’ll love Britannia. Give it a try!

This was Tobias’s Club of this week! Hope you enjoyed it!

Suggestions and comments are always welcome to help our next column!

Au revoir!







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