HOW TO: Get a boyfriend

Olá SISters!!!!

As you know…

SIS doesn’t have a husband

or boyfriend

sometimes just a crush..

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 11.04.31


Do you think that if we were rich, blond and famous, our love live would be any different?



Could we have hope???



What if we could learn from someone who really understands how to get a boyfriend?


SIS needs to learn

SIS wants to be happy

SIS wants a boyfriend

So we decided to search in our #SISWHO System for someone that could help us on that department.




#SISWHO  researched for 5 minutes

#SISWHO found the perfect person for the job


Guess who will give us love lessons??



Our very own, yellow chocolate thingy Mackenzie Mauzy!!!!



We can’t turn around one second that someone takes our crush!

You got an eye on the crush and the other on the ball, right hon?



We decided to learn all she teach about how to get a boyfriend…. even after a bad break-up.

SIS will show you why #SISWHO chose her!

Let’s go!!!

At the age of 20, our chocolate thingy met her forever prince. One young man, also an actor, named John Arthur Greene. Look at the beautiful couple.❤️


SIS loves happy couples. Do you too?



Well, in 2012, at the age of 24 she decided to say I Do in front of family and friends in a beautiful ceremony.


SIS got a tear drop here

Do you also cry at weddings?




They lived happily ever after for two long years, until their marriage came to an end in 2014. Why???


That’s is totally between them.

As any other young, rich, blond, and now single girl, she moved on with her life. On the set of Into the Woods, she met her co-star Billy Magnussen with whom, were rumours, that they were involved romantically.

WAIT!!! Relationship with co-star??? Where have I seen that before?



They never really announced their relationship publicly, but in Dec 2015, Billy and Mackenzie had a very public holiday, skiing in the Swiss Alpes, having fun in Zurique and walking around Paris in the New Year.





They were enough of a couple for their families to follow each other on SM. Their moms followed each other on twitter, and her sister followed Billy. His brother and mother also followed her on IG and she followed them back. Her mom also followed Billy on IG, and of course Billy and MM followed themselves on Twitter and IG. Some of her friends also followed Billy, a writer and her husband, Lindsay Faye and Gabriel Lehner.

One happy SM family….publicly. As it should be.



February and march of 2016, they were very happy as you can see in these Puerto Rico photos on IG!


They must of not been that happy, because right after Puerto Rico, she was seen on Scotland (late april and early may) where rumours started that she was with Sam, when they both posted photos of the same place, Fairy Glen-Isle os Skye, on the same date too. But no photos of them together.


On June 2016, a photo of Sam and MM was taken by Denise Pleune (a former Starz production employee, she’s the one with the white cap) and posted on SM.

Co Producer

Survivor’s Remorse Starz

 –  (5 months)



MM was wearing the same dress she was with Billy in Puerto Rico! See, blonde people repeat outfit too!! Would that be her lucky date dress? Is that her secret? And I always thought it had something to do with…



Never mind!


On September MM was in Cucamonga Peak, California with Alex Carroll.


Shippers says they were romantically involved, antis say they are only friends, people on Data Lounge don’t care and SIS has a friend in Campinas, SP that says that a girl only has guy friends if they are gay or not good looking, because if they are straight and handsome…well, let’s just say they’re no longer in the friend zone, if you know what I mean! But another friend in Goiania says that girls only date friends, cause she’s never seen anyone date an enemy…so…

It’s up to you…




Going forward on the calendar, in October, MM and her ex Billy posted photos on the Hudson River, on the Hudson Valley, NY, around the same time.

Coincidence? Destiny?

SIS doesn’t know but shows them anyway.




Bafta 2016, November 6th, MM appeared with Sam at the awards.


Still about the rumours: Sam and MM in Amsterdam and Switzerland. New Years and early January. Again, same dates but no pictures together. Just one that no one can tell for sure.


Here are most of the interactions between Sam and Mackenzie on SM.

Do you have time? Cause it’s gonna take a while…

Piaget Feb 2017


Oscar 2017



SA 2017



Other moments including: her brother’s wedding.


WOW! Very long!

After September and October of 2017, they were not seen together anymore and in December started some rumors that she might be seeing Jimmy, the football player. First they were seen dinning together (there was never a photo to prove) then she was spotted at some of his games and has posted on Twitter repeatedly about him and the team’s score.


she talked so much about Jimmy that we even started shipping……

January 2018, MM returns to Glasgow and coincidence or not, Jimmy’s team also, but they we never seen together in any SM. She was seen after a concert, waiting for an Uber or Taxi, so naturally, with Sam that was also equally natural as you can see him looking at the camera.


She also has guy friends, and this one must be her BFF because he has more interaction on her SM, and vice versa, than her so called boyfriend. He actually cares, likes and comments on her posts.


So: husband, co-star, friend, not friend, crush, date, river, SM…

We are a little bit confused about her love life. But does she seem to always have someone.

SIS has no one.



But there’s one thing we can ALL agree on.

Everybody loves M&Ms!!!









SIS got the message.

SIS took notes.

giphy (4).gif
YOU MUST try very hard to hide your relationship with Sam Heughan the guy, trying, at the same time, to look as if you were on a relationship with him. Post only vague and ambiguos things and try to send a message of what is not or what it could be, at the same time.                    PERFECTLY CLEAR.


MM, hon, thanks for the lessons. It was very useful!!!  I think we speak on behalf of the spinsters out there. Our days as singles gals are over!!!


SIS wants and will give back.


That’s why we thought a lot in how to help you move on with your love life that seems kinda stuck at the moment. It seems that you have one, it doesn’t seem that you have one, you do, you don’t, you post, you delete, go curly or straight….too much shadow and not much light.

We thought a lot about your current situation and we had a great ideia! It’s just a suggestion, cause you do have to meet the guy first:

Why don’t you substitute Sam, for Tony, for example?

After all, he also seems kinda lost.








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